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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Infinity Bell by Devon Monk

by Mary Anne Barker

Details on how to win a copy of this book at the end of the review.

Infinity Bell is the second book in a trilogy; the first novel, House Immortal, leads directly into the second, and the third looks like it will follow right after. I like the plot and the characters, as well as the heroine, Matilda. She was raised on a farm, and is maybe a little na├»ve, but she’s full of gumption and love for her family, including her brother Quinten. In the case of some of the characters, I would have liked a little more illumination, a sense of what drives them and where they want to go. I will say that until near the end of this story I hadn’t realized how far in the future it takes place.

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The world is one in which there was a time experiment done by one of Matilda and Quinten’s ancestors. His experiment killed hundreds of people, except for 13 people who are “stitched” together; that are called the Galvanized. They seem to be unkillable. They are heroes in this world and they have lived for about three hundred years.

But Quinten (who is a genius, like his ancestor) has figured out that time is going to mend itself in a couple of days, when all the Galvanized and thousands—maybe millions—more in the area will die. So they all have to get back to the original site of the experiment, the family farm. The problem? The farm is in Pennsylvania and most of the characters are in Hong Kong.

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So now Matilda, Quinten, Abraham, and the Neds are racing to get back home, and they are being hunted by the Houses, with large bounties on their heads. Different head of houses want them for different things. One wants all but Quinten dead. Another wants control of the House that Quinton and Matilda run.

This is a very engaging world. I worry about the people and what’s going to happen to them. The weaving of characters and events has gotten even more intense from the first book. It’s a roller-coaster ride. I can’t wait for the next installment, Crucible Zero, in September!

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Mary Anne Barker works at the Reedley Library. She loves books, TV and movies.

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