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Friday, April 17, 2015

Hit and Run By Maxine O' Callaghan

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Details on how to win a copy of this book at the end of the review.

Brash books has been re-releasing some great mystery novels from the past over the last several months. The ones that I have been most interested in are those by Maxine O' Callaghan, featuring P.I. Delilah West, one of the first female P.I.'s in mystery novels.

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In Hit and Run, Delilah continues to struggle to make ends meet. Over the last year, her husband and business partner was murdered and her last case left her with big medical bills, forcing her to moonlight as a waitress and live in her office. On a rainy night she is out jogging when she witnesses a hit and run--or did she? Things take a crazy turn when Delilah is approached by the mother of the hit and run driver to prove he didn't kill the victim. As she starts to doubt what she saw, she is compelled to find the truth.

Image source: Brash Books

It's interesting to notice while reading these books how far technology has come since they were first released and how that affects Delilah's investigating. But despite the change in tech, these mysteries hold up perfectly over time. Delilah is a tough, but very real person--she is what makes the stories so good. It's as interesting to watch her struggle with what life has thrown her way, as to watch the mystery unfold. I hope that we see more of her. May there possibly be some brand new Delilah West books coming in the future? I sure hope so.

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Lorie Lewis Ham is KRL's editor-in-chief/publisher. She has published in many venues through the years and has 5 published mystery novels. You can learn more about Lorie's writing on her blog Mysteryrat's Closet.