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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

“My Little Pony” The Movie: Review

by Sheryl Wall

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I took my daughter to see the new My Little Pony movie. She was very excited to see it. It starts out with the ponies preparing for the first ever friendship festival which Princess Twilight is in charge of overseeing. She tries to get the head princess ponies to move the sun and the moon to set the perfect scene for the concert with their magic. But she is quickly turned down.

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The party preparation, however, is halted due to the invasion of monkey like monsters led by a pony named Tempest who is leading this evil plot just so the evil Storm King will give her a new horn once he has all the princesses captured and steals their magic. However, Twilight and her friends escape and go in search of help from the Hippogriff ponies. But when they reach their kingdom in Mount Aris, they find it abandoned. They soon discover that all the Hippogriffs went underground and with magic became Merponies to hide from the Storm King.

On their journey the ponies make friends with a con artist cat named Capper and bird pirates that come to their aid when Twilight is taken by Tempest after all but one Hippogriff refuses to help. Finally with the help of all their friends they are able to rescue their kingdom Equestrian and all their friends.

Image source: Lionsgate

As a child, I loved My Little Pony so its fun to watch the love of the Ponies continue with my girls. “My Little Pony” is a fun movie for my girls. It included some fun music numbers throughout the movie, though I think the music selection was more to draw in an older age range of kids. It is a cute story that is great choice for a mother-daughter day out.

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Sheryl Wall is an ongoing contributor to our
Pet Perspective section, providing pet care advice from years of personal experience.