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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Plaid Tidings On Stage at the Reedley Opera House

by Lorie Lewis Ham

If you are looking for something different and fun to do to celebrate the holidays this year, consider going to see Plaid Tidings, currently on stage at the Reedley Opera House, presented by the Reedley River City Theatre Co.

The story of the "Plaids" started with the musical Forever Plaid. In Forever Plaid four young men, who make up a quartet called Forever Plaid, are given the chance to come back to earth from heaven to perform that last big show they never got to do.

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In Plaid Tidings, they are back again and this time they aren't certain why until further in the show. The Plaids share with their audience bits of some of the songs they performed in the first show, and also throw in some new songs, such as "Stranger In Paradise," which is a favorite of mine, as they try to find their purpose for being back. I won't give the rest of the story away, but you will also be entertained by their versions of many holiday favorites. This is a sweet, fun, and funny show.

The Plaids in this production are Matt Milton (Jinx), Joseph Ham (Frankie), Erik Valencia (Sparky), and Jeff Lusk (Smudge). These guys entertain you with some beautiful four part harmony, along with some awesome solos, and a LOT of laughter. There's a lot of talent on that stage!

Image source: RCTC

If you love the music of the '50s, good clean comedy, and four guys singing four part harmony (and who doesn't), you won't want to miss this show! It will be a memorable and fun part of your holidays.

Plaid Tidings will be on stage at the Reedley Opera House until December 20, and keep in mind they will have a couple of Wednesday night performances with this show as well. You can learn more, and purchase tickets, on their website.

Lorie Lewis Ham is KRL's editor-in-chief/publisher. She has published in many venues through the years and has 5 published mystery novels. You can learn more about Lorie's writing on her blog Mysteryrat's Closet.

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