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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Jungle Book: Movie Review

by Sheryl Wall

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The Jungle Book is an updated version of the original Disney animated film created in 1967. It is a live action movie that includes a lot of computer-generated imagery to make the animals come alive on the screen.

Mogli is a young boy who was raised by wolves after being found in the jungle alone by Bagheera, the black panther. He loves living in the jungle and running with his wolf brothers and sisters.

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After a long dry season, all the animals go to the truce rock that always shows up when the water is very low. Here all the animals can drink without fear of each other. However, the dry season brings Shere Khan the tiger to the truce rock where he threatens all the animals. He wants them to turn Mogli over to him so he can kill him. He believes all humans are out to hurt him with what he calls the red flower (fire). Instead, Bagheera takes Mogli on a journey to the man village and out of the jungle to protect him from the great tiger. On his journey, he befriends a big bear, Baloo and finds himself facing adventure and danger from snakes and monkeys.

The special affects and computer-generated aspects of the movie are amazing and truly makes the jungle and its animals come to life. It is full of action and adventure with a couple of well known songs from the original movie. I think the actor, Neel Sethi, who plays Mogli, is the perfect choice for the role. He does an amazing job and he even does most of is own stunts.

Image source: Disney

Some of the scenes get pretty intense with Shere Kahn, the Bengal Tiger, jumping out unexpectedly. Then there are several animal fight scenes throughout the movie as well. I definitely think taking a young child to the 3D version may send them home with nightmares. It may make a few grown ups jump out of their seats as well. But depending on your child, I think they could really enjoy the 2D version of the film. My youngest daughter was mesmerized by all the animals, especially the monkeys.

Disney definitely lives up to their reputation in the new Jungle Book movie. This is a movie you won't want to miss seeing on the big screen.

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Sheryl Wall is an ongoing contributor to our
Pet Perspective section, providing pet care advice from years of personal experience.

1 comment:

  1. I learned to read The Jungle Book (along with that superb classic Wind in the Willows) at the age of around five and I doubt the movie could ever be as good as ones imagination! However, I would like to see it and take my grandchildren to it.