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Monday, July 18, 2016

The Legend of Tarzan: Movie Review

by Lorie Lewis Ham

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Tarzan, also known as John Clayton III (Alexander SkarsgÄrd), now lives in England with his wife Jane. He has become an aristocrat and is living a life quite different from the one he lived in Africa, and seems to have no desire to go back.

In the meantime, Africa is being ravaged by King Leopold II of Belgium. Leon Rom (Christoph Waltz), an envoy of King Leopold, is after some diamonds that would help the financially strapped King hire mercenaries to completely ravage the Congo. An old enemy of Tarzan's stands between Rom and what he wants, but says that he will give Rom the diamonds in exchange for him delivering Tarzan to him. So Rom lures Tarzan back to the Congo with plans to capture him. Jane (Margot Robbie) insists on going with him, as does George Washington Williams (Samuel L. Jackson), a representative of the US, who wants to find proof that the people of the Congo are being enslaved.

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When they return to Africa, Tarzan is reminded of his life there and all of those he loved, both human and animal. He is also reminded of the danger and the pain, which causes him to resist allowing himself to feel at home there. But not Jane, she feels she is truly home again. Jane becomes a pawn in Rom's evil plan and Tarzan will do anything to get her back, and Williams will do anything to get proof to take back to his government of the way the people there are being killed and enslaved.

This was a beautiful movie--not only visually with all of the beauty of the jungle and the lifelikeness of the animals--but also in story. The deep love Tarzan has not only for Jane but for his human and animal friends in Africa is moving. I love the fact that the animals are portrayed almost as humans in their emotions and intelligence. The story also sheds light on a very real and horrible part of history, with the white man brutally taking what they want at the sacrifice of the people, animals, and land of the Congo.

Image source: Darkhorse Entertainment

Alexander is absolutely wonderful as Tarzan--he makes you feel the emotions that this character goes through in this story and he brings what could be an over the top type character to life in a very real and believable way. His chemistry with Margo is perfect, and I really enjoyed her very strong portrayal of Jane. Samuel L Jackson not only made a great sidekick for Tarzan as Williams, but also added a bit of comic relief here and there. His story is also very moving, with him having just been through the civil war and wanting to maintain the same kind of freedom he fought for, for the people of Africa.

If you want to see a movie that will move you, provide some great action, a history lesson, and be a beautiful example of love, don't miss The Legend of Tarzan! It will also make you think--which is something I love in a movie. And I have to admit all of the scenes where Alexander has his shirt off are a wonderful added bonus!

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Lorie Lewis Ham is KRL's editor-in-chief/publisher. She has published in many venues through the years and has 5 published mystery novels. You can learn more about Lorie's writing on her blog Mysteryrat's Closet.

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